Season 2 of On The Land: Our Arctic Presence brings you the voices of Indigenous people from throughout the Arctic.

Xilegg: Our Arctic Presence

As Arctic Indigenous Peoples, our lifeways are being threatened by anthropogenic climate change and the increased push for development across the circumpolar north.

Rising sea temperatures threaten the traditional harvest of whale, seal, fish, and other marine life and increased frequencies of storms erode crucial coastline displacing entire communities. Lack of precipitation and hot summer continue to fuel fires challenging the ecosystems we and our animals rely upon. When our animals face extinction, we starve physically, mentally, and spiritually.  

The increased push for development of fossil fuels, minerals, transportation routes, and supporting infrastructure poses challenging questions for self-determination, sovereignty, and the continued colonization of our traditional territories. How will development benefit our Indigenous Communities? Who is conducting research and designing policies on and for our lands? Why does this matter and who ultimately does it serve?  

While our animal and plant relatives are being confronted with alarming adaptation, our Peoples persist in advocating for our rights on local, national and international fronts. Our Arctic Presence seeks to continue the dialogue on issues regarding the Arctic from an Indigenous perspective.

In elevating our Arctic Voices, we hope to increase the visibility of our peoples, learn from one another, and be a bridge between our Indigenous nations and settler nations.

We hope that non-Indigenous scientists, policy makers, allies, government officials, and citizens from the north and beyond tune in to listen from our Indigenous Knowledge holders who are our Experts.

Map via Arctic Council
Cartography: Elevations from "Digital Chart of the World"
Bathymetry from "Natural Earth"
Compilation and design by Winfried K. Dallmann
© Norwegian Polar Institute

Tanana Dene

Interior Alaska, December 2019